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PSC80626 is characterized by Non-foaming, non-toxic, No chlorine odor, mild, Non-irritating, Non-corrosive Cationic polymer bactericide, Biocide and clarify water quality Effectively control and kill algae, remove harmful deposits, Prevent filter clogging Stable in hard water, stable in a wide range of PH and temperature, Widely used, high cost performance Good Stability , Long lasting Effection, Safe used. As a cutting fluid: accelerate the crushing of metal debris, Accelerate the separation of water and oil in the cutting fluid, Effectively reduce the growth of bacteria, Extend the life cycle of the cutting fluid Advantages as a civilian disinfectant.


PSC80626 is a polyquaternary ammonium salt disinfectant and is already the sixth-generation product in the development of quaternary ammonium salts. Its main characteristics are less irritation, lower toxicity, and milder bactericidal effect. It is widely used in the antibacterial disinfection of contact lenses, eye drops, wet wipes and personal care products. After sterilization experiments, it is confirmed that the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%.


At present, in addition to disinfection of skin and mucous membranes in hospitals, disinfection of surgical hand washing and disinfection of medical instruments, it is also widely used in the disinfection of equipment and utensils in various public places and various production appliances, as well as the anti-mold of industrial products and agricultural crops, and the disinfection of livestock buildings. Sanitation and disinfection, aquaculture, plastic antibacterial preparation, etc.



Application field


1 . Swimming Pools,Spa,Hot Spring,Landscape Water,Aquarium.
2 . Industrial Water System,Recirculing Cooling Towers.
3 . Oil removal,Rust prevention,Sedimentation.
4 . Petroleum systems,Paper Industry.

5 . Home Furnishing,Eye drops,Printing Ink.

6 .Food&Beverage Industry Cleaning.

7.  Metal working fluids ,Metal Hydride / Borohydride.

8.  Disinfectant.