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PSC80628 is characterized by Multi-functional products: Cationic polymer Bactericide, Biocide and Clarify water quality Effectively control algae, Scum, Harmful fouling, and Prevent filter clogging Stable in hard water, Stable in a wide range of pH and temperature Acts on Floating algae and Fixed algae No Foam, Easy to use and Formula Helps reduce bad smells Long-lasting effect, Non-corrosive.


PSC80628, as a long-acting bactericide, has broad-spectrum activity and can kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It can be used in ornamental ponds and springs without irritation, toxicity, chlorine, and non- corrosive to most materials.


Suggested dosage: 10-100PPM.


Application field


1 . Suitable for Commercial Pools such as Landscape Water, Ponds, Cisterns, Swimming Pools, etc.
2 . Industrial Circulating water, Cooling water systems.
3 . Air purification systems.
4 . Sterilization and Algae removal of cleaning agents in the food and Beverage industry.