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Farm Disinfection


PSC80621 is characterized by Effectively control algae growth and Reduce bacterial growth Rich-Foaming, Surface tension is strong,Sticky mud peeling effect, Cleaning effect is excellent Used in combination, Small dosage, Simple use and Formulation, Good stability, and Long-lasting effect Non-corrosive to metal materials, and has Certain corrosion inhibition effect Civilian Disinfectant.


Broad-spectrum activity and long-lasting sterilization can effectively kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, etc., and can be used for farm environment disinfection. Non-irritating, non-toxic, non-chlorine odor, non- corrosive to most materials.


Basic reference dosage: 1000-1500ppm.


Application field


1 . Suitable for Commercial water such as Swimming pool, SPA, Landscape water, etc.
2 . Sterilization, Algae removal and Disinfection of urban public water.
3 . Industrial circulating water, Oil field injection water, Cooling water system.
4 . Water for Air purification system.

5 . Water treatment companies, Aquaculture and other Environmental disinfection.

6 .Civil disinfectant, etc.