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Biocide Algaecide PSC80626

CAS NO. 31512-74-0 / 31075-24-8
Broad-Spectrum Non-Foaming Biocide /Algaecide (Algaecide 60)
It applies to Swimming pool,
Spa,Hot Spring,Landscape Water,Aquarium;
Industrial Water System,Recirculing Cooling Towers;
Oil removal, Rust prevention, Sedimentation,
Petroleum systems,Paper Industry;
Home Furnishing,Eye drops,Printing Ink;
Food&Beverage Industry Cleaning
Metal working fluids , Metal Hydride / Borohydride;
Disinfectant .


Non-foaming, non-toxic, No chlorine odor, mild, Non-irritating, Non-corrosive

Cationic polymer bactericide, Biocide and clarify water quality

Effectively control and kill algae, remove harmful deposits,

Prevent filter clogging

Stable in hard water, stable in a wide range of PH and temperature,

Widely used, high cost performance

Good Stability , Long lasting Effection, Safe used.

As a cutting fluid: accelerate the crushing of metal debris,

Accelerate the separation of water and oil in the cutting fluid,

Effectively reduce the growth of bacteria,

Extend the life cycle of the cutting fluid

Advantages as a civilian disinfectant.



Exterior Amber liquid
Alias Busan77,WSCP,PQ-42, Polyticilamide
Solid content 60-62
PH(10%Aqueous solution) 5.0-7.0



Swimming pool, SPA, aquarium, etc. 1-100PPM

Whether PSC80626 is mixed into common sterilization and disinfectant preparations, or used as a bactericidal and algaecide alone, it shows good stability and can effectively kill and clarify water. As the world’s leading bactericidal and algaecide, PSC80626 has been authorized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its mild and non-irritating, especially environmentally friendly characteristics.

industrial production enterprises such as breweries,  milk factories, and beverage factories.




The recommended amount of industrial circulating water is 20-200PPM

PSC80626 is currently recognized as the best and most advanced water treatment solution in the world. Cited in Busan 77 and WSCP by Buckman, PSC80626 has basically the same chromatographic data and efficacy. At the same time, it is feasible and effective to remove sediment, dirt and impurities. It is different from chlorine preparations, non-corrosive, easy to detect and add, reduce labor costs, and ensure the normal operation of industrial equipment. Food processing industry The dosage of PSC80626 is small, cost-effective, and very small dosage can achieve good results. The use and formula are simple, the stability is good, and the effect is long-lasting. It can be used for cleaning related containers and equipment of edible industrial production enterprises such as breweries,  milk factories, and beverage factories.



Metal cutting fluid

In actual production, even high-quality metal cutting fluids must be added with a certain amount of bactericidal and algae-removing agents to extend the service life and increase the utilization rate. PSC80626, whether used as a metal cutting fluid additive, a settling agent or a water-based cutting fluid, can accelerate the sedimentation of metal chips, accelerate the separation of water and oil in the cutting fluid, effectively reduce the growth of bacteria, and extend the life of the metal cutting fluid. PSC80626 is used in fully synthetic metal cutting fluids for water machines, and the amount is very small, and the additive formula can be adjusted flexibly. As a settling agent, it is basically consistent with Buckman’s Busan 77 in terms of theoretical map test data, which can completely replace this type of product and has a significant effect in actual use.



Civil disinfectant: households, public places, farms, warehouses, etc. The recommended dosage is 1000-1200PPM

PSC80626 is a polyquaternary ammonium salt disinfectant and is already the sixth-generation product in the development of quaternary ammonium salts. Its main characteristics are less irritation, lower toxicity, and milder bactericidal effect. It is widely used in the antibacterial disinfection of contact lenses, eye drops, wet wipes and personal care products. After sterilization experiments, it is confirmed that the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%.

At present, in addition to disinfection of skin and mucous membranes in hospitals, disinfection of surgical hand washing and disinfection of medical instruments, it is also widely used in the  disinfection of equipment and utensils in various public places and various production appliances, as well as the anti-mold of industrial products and agricultural crops, and the disinfection of livestock buildings. Sanitation and disinfection, aquaculture, plastic antibacterial preparation, etc.





OEM Package available


–  1L PE Bottle N.W.:1Kgs   G.W.:1.1Kgs  12 Bottles  /  carton
–  5L PE Bottle N.W.:5Kgs G.W.:5.2Kgs 4 Bottles  /  carton
–  200L PE Drum N.W.:220Kgs G.W.:230Kgs 4 drums  / pallet
–  1000L PE Drum N.W.:1150Kgs G.W.:1206Kgs 1 drums  / pallet 


Compound product series

1.Fungicide compound product 1 PSC60622

Transparent liquid, cationic non-oxidizing algaecide, weak acid. It is suitable for the sterilization and algae killing of circulating water in industrial circulating water systems, such as fertilizer plants, oil refineries, metallurgy, etc.


2.Fungicide compound product 2 PSC60623

Non-oxidizing, blue or light green transparent liquid, acidic. It is suitable for the sterilization and algae killing of circulating water in industrial circulating water systems, such as fertilizer plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, metallurgy, etc. Especially suitable for sterilization treatment of membrane system.


3.Compound membrane scale inhibitor PSC60611 

Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid with adjustable PH value. Dedicated to reverse osmosis technology and circulating water system, high cost performance.


4.Corrosion and scale inhibitors PSC60614

Compound agent, light yellow transparent liquid, acidic. Used in small cooling water, circulating water system, especially central air conditioning water system. It can be applied under high concentration of circulating water.


5.Algae removal Flocculant  PSC60627 

Blue transparent acid liquid, used for sterilization, algae removal and clarification in swimming pools, hot springs, SPA, etc.


6.Phosphate Remover PSC60651   

Colorless to light yellow transparent acidic liquid, efficient and rapid removal of water phosphate, improve water quality; It has strong compatibility, improves the use effect of other agents, and does not block the filter. Used in swimming pools, hot springs, SPAs, aquariums, landscape waters, ponds, etc.


7.Defoamer  PSC60615

Translucent viscous liquid, Active substance content>99%. This product has a rapid effect, inhibit regeneration;Minimum dosage;: Suitable for all kinds of disinfectants, mild and stable;No requirement for PH;No residue in safety and environmental protection;No delamination, no precipitation. Mainly used to remove foam and scum from the surface of swimming pools, saunas and SPA pools.


8.Chlorine Dioxide  

Strong oxidant, non-chlorine preparation; green and environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and no residue. Sterilization and algae removal of industrial water in petrochemical, oil field, power generation and other industries; Medical and sanitation, food disinfection and preservation, air purification, drinking water disinfection.


9.Fluorescent Tracer PTSA  

Features:98% light yellow powder, 10% yellow-green liquid; high fluorescence efficiency, the system can achieve high-quality detection and control with only 100ppb of concentration; Extremely soluble, the concentration of the agent or the concentration of the agent is colorless and has no effect on the color of the water treatment agent; it is an inert fluorescent tracer, and the pH is neutral, which is compatible with the agent and does not affect the target agent Reaction or incompatibility; no effect on the pH of the circulating water system; good stability, not easy to decompose and deteriorate. Application: Widely used in industrial circulating water systems, small cooling towers, and central air-conditioning cooling water systems. It can monitor the concentration of chemicals in real time to achieve precise and intelligent control and management.