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Bactericidal alga PSC80621

Polyquaternium Ammonium Salt High-Efficiency Broad-Spectrum Non-Oxidizing Bactericidal Algaecide

It applies to uitable for Commercial water such as Swimming pool, SPA,
Landscape water, etc. Sterilization, Algae removal and Disinfection of urban
public water.Industrial circulating water, Oil field injection water, Cooling water system, Water for Air purification system;
Water treatment companies, Aquaculture and other Environmental disinfection. Civil disinfectant, etc.


Effectively control algae growth and Reduce bacterial growth

Rich-Foaming, Surface tension is strong,Sticky mud peeling effect,

Cleaning effect is excellent

Used in combination, Small dosage, Simple use and Formulation,

Good stability, and Long-lasting effect

Non-corrosive to metal materials, and has Certain corrosion inhibition effect

Civilian Disinfectant



Appearance Colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Concentration% 40 Min
Density (20 ℃)g /cm³ 1.08-1.13
PH(10%aqueous solution) 7.0-9.0


Oilfield water injection

PSC80621 is the first research technology of Tianjin Chemical Industry Institute. It began to be applied in industrial production around 1998. It was applied in Yanshan Petrochemical and Shijiazhuang refineries in the early stage. It is a high-efficiency and broad-spectrum non-oxidizing bactericidal and algaecide. Bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, iron bacteria, fungi and algae have excellent killing and control effects.

PSC80621 can be used in combination with oxidizing fungicides such as chlorine, which will not cause corrosion to metals and has a certain corrosion inhibition effect. It is suitable for all kinds of industrial water and has obvious sludge removal effect, especially suitable for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in oilfield water injection. At the same time, as a surfactant, it has a certain ability to wash oil.

It can reduce the oil saturation of the core and increase the permeability of water and oil. Reduce the surface tension of the water, speed up the water injection rate, and at the same time can be adsorbed on the surface of the clay to form an increased water layer, prevent the clay from swelling, and help stabilize the water injection flow. The effect is far superior to benzalkonium bromide and sodium dichlorothiocyanate. It can be combined with glutaraldehyde and other aldehyde compounds for oilfield water injection.


Environmental disinfection of farms and breeding farms

Broad-spectrum activity and long-lasting sterilization can effectively kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, etc., and can be used for farm environment disinfection. Non-irritating, non-toxic, non-chlorine odor, non-corrosive to most materials.


Basic reference dosage: 1000-1500ppm.




Car glass wiper cleaner

PSC80621 has a wide range of characteristics of killing and inhibiting microorganisms, and as a disinfectant, it also has a good decontamination effect on the windshield, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-chlorine odor, safe and environmentally friendly.

Add 1-10% of the total detergent.






Wet wipes, cleaning agents, additives for disinfection and sterilization supplies.

PSC80621 can kill common Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other microorganisms, has a cleaning effect and broad-spectrum bactericidal properties, and has no skin irritation at the concentration used.

Suggested dosage: 100-300PPM.





OEM Package available


–  1L PE Bottle N.W.:1Kgs   G.W.:1.1Kgs  12 Bottles  /  carton
–  5L PE Bottle N.W.:5Kgs G.W.:5.2Kgs 4 Bottles  /  carton
–  200L PE Drum N.W.:220Kgs G.W.:230Kgs 4 drums  / pallet
–  1000L PE Drum N.W.:1150Kgs G.W.:1206Kgs 1 drums / pallet 


Compound product series

1.Fungicide compound product 1 PSC60622

Transparent liquid, cationic non-oxidizing algaecide, weak acid. It is suitable for the sterilization and algae killing of circulating water in industrial circulating water systems, such as fertilizer plants, oil refineries, metallurgy, etc.


2.Fungicide compound product 2 PSC60623

Non-oxidizing, blue or light green transparent liquid, acidic. It is suitable for the sterilization and algae killing of circulating water in industrial circulating water systems, such as fertilizer plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, metallurgy, etc. Especially suitable for sterilization treatment of membrane system.


3.Compound membrane scale inhibitor PSC60611 

Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid with adjustable PH value. Dedicated to reverse osmosis technology and circulating water system, high cost performance.


4.Corrosion and scale inhibitors PSC60614

Compound agent, light yellow transparent liquid, acidic. Used in small cooling water, circulating water system, especially central air conditioning water system. It can be applied under high concentration of circulating water.


5.Algae removal Flocculant  PSC60627 

Blue transparent acid liquid, used for sterilization, algae removal and clarification in swimming pools, hot springs, SPA, etc.


6.Phosphate Remover PSC60651   

Colorless to light yellow transparent acidic liquid, efficient and rapid removal of water phosphate, improve water quality; It has strong compatibility, improves the use effect of other agents, and does not block the filter. Used in swimming pools, hot springs, SPAs, aquariums, landscape waters, ponds, etc.


7.Defoamer  PSC60615

Translucent viscous liquid, Active substance content>99%. This product has a rapid effect, inhibit regeneration;Minimum dosage;: Suitable for all kinds of disinfectants, mild and stable;No requirement for PH;No residue in safety and environmental protection;No delamination, no precipitation. Mainly used to remove foam and scum from the surface of swimming pools, saunas and SPA pools.


8.Chlorine Dioxide  

Strong oxidant, non-chlorine preparation; green and environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and no residue. Sterilization and algae removal of industrial water in petrochemical, oil field, power generation and other industries; Medical and sanitation, food disinfection and preservation, air purification, drinking water disinfection.


9.Fluorescent Tracer PTSA  

Features:98% light yellow powder, 10% yellow-green liquid; high fluorescence efficiency, the system can achieve high-quality detection and control with only 100ppb of concentration; Extremely soluble, the concentration of the agent or the concentration of the agent is colorless and has no effect on the color of the water treatment agent; it is an inert fluorescent tracer, and the pH is neutral, which is compatible with the agent and does not affect the target agent Reaction or incompatibility; no effect on the pH of the circulating water system; good stability, not easy to decompose and deteriorate. Application: Widely used in industrial circulating water systems, small cooling towers, and central air-conditioning cooling water systems. It can monitor the concentration of chemicals in real time to achieve precise and intelligent control and management.