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From2003,PureStreak Chemicals Start to develop and provides water treatment product,Biocide /Algaecide, formulations, mature fungicide monomers, and compound fungicide products; compound membrane scale inhibitors, scale inhibitors, and scale inhibitors for central air conditioning; fluorescent tracers, water quality monitoring Equipped with equipment, intelligent monitoring, pharmaceutical addition, and overall solution. R&D, experiment and production of special chemicals and new energy materials; VIP exclusive customization and synthesis (including packaging, logo, etc.) according to the actual needs of customers; mixing formulations according to customer requirements, processing and production; special packaging, transportation.


  • 2020.9

    The 13th Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition

    Booth No.: 8.1H2117

  • 2020.6

    Purestreak Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was formally registered and the
    Purestreak trademark was registered

  • 2019

    The factory moved to Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, and the
    construction of a new factory started, covering an area of 56,000
    square meters

  • 2015

    Participated in the 14th China International Chemical Industry

  • 2013

    PSC80621 registered trademark and obtained trademark use right

  • 2012

    The PSC80626 product was authorized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA

  • 2012

    PSC80628 product was patented

  • 2007

    The annual output exceeded 2500 tons

  • 2003

    The predecessor factory started construction, covering an area of ​​3,000 square meters, and officially expanded
    production-oriented operations

  • 2000

    The predecessor of Purestreak Chemicals was born in a laboratory covering an area of ​​only 110 square meters, and began to devote itself to the research and product development of water treatment preparations



  • Q1Does your factory produce (sell) polyquaternium fungicides?

    Yes, Polyquat algaecide is one of our very advantageous products. We are the earliest company of development, production polyquat algaecide in domestic. We have three polyquaternium products: 626, 628, 621.

  • Q2Your company mainly has several types of algaecides that can beused in swimming pools?

    There are two algaecide products in our factory.Both are chlorine-free algaecides, non-foaming, non-toxic, mild and non-irritating. Used in conjunction with chlorine preparations, it can effectively reduce the dosage of chlorine preparations. PSC80626 is a viscous amber liquid, which is usually called algaecide 60 on the market. It is very effective in killing algae. The US, Australia and Southeast Asian markets prefer this algaecide. PSC80628 is a colorless, viscous liquid called long life algaecide (long-acting algaecide) on the market. It inhibits algae in swimming pools better. It is usually used in the off-season swimming season. It can be made blue. Customers in Europe, Russia and other regions prefer this algaecide.

  • Q3Your product prices are relatively high, what are the advantages?

    Our products are chlorine-free preparations. Compared with traditional chlorine preparations, Ours advantages are no chlorine odor, no toxicity, no irritation, good stability and safer use. The dosage of our products is small, and do not need to be added every day, normal maintenance can be added once every 5-7 days.

  • Q4Besides Quat Disinfectant , Do you have others can be recommended as disinfectant?

    25% PSC50616 is an other excellent disinfectant. It is broad-spectrum and no drug resistance.
    It can be used in swimming Pool, Industry water , aquatic farming household and public places sanitizering ect.