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PureStreak Chemicals provides water treatment product,Biocide
/Algaecide,formulations, mature fungicide monomers, and compound fungicide
products;compound membrane scale inhibitors, scale inhibitors, and scale
inhibitors for central air conditioning fluorescent tracers, water quality
monitoring Equipped with equipment, intelligent monitoring, pharmaceutical
addition, and overall solution…

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Polyquaternium Ammonium Salt High-Efficiency ,Broad-Spectrum ,Non-Oxidizing

  • Biocide Algaecide PSC80626

    CAS NO. 31512-74-0 / 31075-24-8
    Broad-Spectrum Non-Foaming Biocide /Algaecide (Algaecide 60)
    It applies to Swimming pool,
    Spa,Hot Spring,Landscape Water,Aquarium;
    Industrial Water System,Recirculing Cooling Towers;
    Oil removal, Rust prevention, Sedimentation,
    Petroleum systems,Paper Industry;
    Home Furnishing,Eye drops,Printing Ink;
    Food&Beverage Industry Cleaning
    Metal working fluids , Metal Hydride / Borohydride;
    Disinfectant .

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  • Bactericidal alga PSC80628

    CAS NO. 25988-97-0 / 39660-17-8
    N,N-Dimethyl-2-hydroxypropyl ammonium chloride polymer
    Poly(2-hydroxypropyl dimethyl ammonium chloride)
    Non-Foaming Cationic Broad-Spectrum Long-Acting Bactericidal Algaecide,.
    It applies to Suitable for Commercial Pools such as Landscape Water, Ponds, Cisterns, Swimming Pools, etc.; Industrial Circulating water, Cooling water systems Air purification systems; Sterilization and Algae removal of cleaning agents in the food and Beverage industry.

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  • Bactericidal alga PSC80621

    Polyquaternium Ammonium Salt High-Efficiency Broad-Spectrum Non-Oxidizing Bactericidal Algaecide

    It applies to uitable for Commercial water such as Swimming pool, SPA,
    Landscape water, etc. Sterilization, Algae removal and Disinfection of urban
    public water.Industrial circulating water, Oil field injection water, Cooling water system, Water for Air purification system;
    Water treatment companies, Aquaculture and other Environmental disinfection. Civil disinfectant, etc.

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  • Clarifying agent PSC60629

    PSC60629 is a clarifying agent, it has non-precipitant, no dirt absorption, no slippage, non-toxic, safer properties.

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